Makeout Jamboree

by Kevin



A mini-LP of songs for you and your significant/insignificant other/others. A soundtrack for your teenage impulses and desires. Happy Valentine's Day!


released February 14, 2016

Greyson - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Lead Guitar

Berk - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Lead Guitar

Eva - Ukelele, Vocals, Drums



all rights reserved


Kevin Boston, Massachusetts

Formed in 2015, Kevin is the creation of three students and friends, Eva, Berk, and Greyson. Inspired by such groups as Beat Happening and Half Japanese, Kevin is an oddity, the deconstructionist pop musings of three art students looking to boil popular music down to it most basic of forms, a minimal, sheenless machine. ... more

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Track Name: The Amory Park Song
In the snow and the cold
You told me today
That apparently you never
Felt the same way
That's okay
I just wish you had told me sooner
Someone get me a bottle of bleach
Or maybe a tumor

Little boy, can't you feel?
The weight of the world
Is upon your shoulders
That little girl didn't know what she was doing
When she broke your heart

Let's go and make a snowball
Down in Amory Park
Probably good that we don't do the things
We did in the dark
Do you have a boyfriend?
Is he tall, short, fat, or thin? Where do I begin?
If I see him near the T
Can I push him?

Is it morbid for me to think?
I don't really think no more
Let me swim or sink
I'm sinking in the blood
Happy chord change

Good boys never get what they want
They should all probably be shot (2x)

But then again,
Where would al the love songs come from these days?
The sad, dejected masses
Male or female
Who at one point decided that they needed to put down a song

And here's the big hook:

She told you a lie, lie, lie, lie, lie (4x)
Track Name: Stacy
You make me kinda crazy
But I'm feeling kinda lazy
'Cause you gave me Hep-C
When I saw you at the movies
Doing your moves and
I felt so lonely
'Cause I'm kinda homely

Stacy, I want you to know
I think you're incredible (2x)

Hey there, girl from the store
I was wondering if I could have your phone number
I saw you working retail
I was wondering if your heart was for sale

But Stacy, I love you
But I can't help myself
I'm a chronic
Stacy, I love you
But I can't help myself
I'm a chronic kleptomaniac
I stole all your stuff from the Shake Shack
I hate
Paying for stuff
I hate
Paying for stuff
I hate
Paying for stuff
I hate
Track Name: Star Market
When I first met you
At Star Market
You were rather
But that's okay
You shouldn't objectify people
When you meet them anyway
So I said:
"Sweet cheeks, wanna come back to my place?"
Track Name: Valentine
I hate your laugh and how you smile
But that’s OK, cause it’ll be a while
Before I find someone just like you
And if I did, I’d hate them too.

I hate your hair, and how it sheds
When you come over, it’s all over my bed
But I’m too lazy to change to linens
And you won’t kiss me, cause you’re too chicken

Valentine, valentine, please oh please oh never never be mine

I hate your friends, and where you go to school
But I put up with you, cause you’re pretty cool
I wanna hold your hand but I think you’re pretty dumb
I wanna kiss you but my friends all think you’re scum

Valentine, valentine, please oh please oh never never be mine

I hate your socks and how they match
I want to kick you out and bolt the latch
And I’ll pour out all of your orange juice
But you’re just so cute, so let’s make a truce
Valentine, valentine, please oh please oh never never be mine

Valentine Valentine, please oh please oh won't you be mine.
Track Name: Touched
Your pretty eyes make me feel so touched
And I cannot breathe oh
Your words make me fell so touched
And I cannot say anything back to you

Sometimes I think to myself
By myself on branch of an oak tree
Behind the park, you don't know what to do
You don’t know how to fix my problems because

Every time I look into your eyes I stumble
Every time that I try to speak with you I stumble
You make me feel so touched
And I get speechless when I want to talk to you
That’s a big problem for us
I feel so touched when you look into my eyes
With your pretty blue eyes, I
And I get
And I get touched
I get
And I get touched
By your gaze under a street light on a february day
Maybe 14th or 15th, I don’t care
I don’t care because
I get touched
By your gaze
I get touched
By your gaze

I get touched
I get touched
I get touched
I get touched
Track Name: Drunken Luncheon
Say what I say
And I'll say it today
I never thought a boy
Could feel this way
A kiss on the lips
Awfully saccharine
The nebulous cloud
Is finally crystalline

And I never even tried
And I never even asked you for your number
I must've simply handed you the phone
In the art gallery
How suave of me

Say, friend of mine
Can I have a taste of your madeleine?
And suddenly, the memory
Starts to reveal itself to me
But I never, But I never
Even wanted you to find me
'Cause I know that I'm under qualified
Compared to a senator's son
Or a wealthy man's son
Or a middle aged teacher

A drunken luncheon
So divine
Oh, with this friend of mine
A drunken luncheon
Holding hands
Oh can you stay till nine?
"I am afraid that I cannot for all the things I've got to do,
then there's tomorrow..."
Track Name: My Best Friend
I saw you in front of the Christian science building
Looking so fine
With your long black hair I knew
you had to be mine

The first time you kissed me
I got moths in my belly
And wrote some bad poetry
And nothing's changed but time and the way we dye out hair
we're just friends now but I know that you love me

My best friends so beautiful (3x)

I saw with your boyfriend at the liquor store
Putting your lipstick on
My only regret from loving you
is that I didn’t kiss you earlier on

I wanna borrow all your clothes but they look better on you
And my dresses look better on you too
It’s not fair it’s not fair, stop stealing my underwear,
my money, my pride and my shampoo

My best friends so beautiful (3x)

I saw you at the bus stop kissing your boyfriend
Not jealous, but i’m still in love with you.
I think he's kinda dumb but you seem happy, so I’m happy too

My best friends so beautiful (3x)

Track Name: Charlemagne
See that boy
With another girl
See that girl
With another boy

See that boy
Dressed as Charlemagne

In his step dad's truck
Drinking lemonade
It's the summertime
Fourth of July Parade

See that boy
Call that girl

From across the world
Miles away
Don't tell Dad
That he got laid

With that girl
From the fourth of July
Don't ask why

See that boy
Dressed as Charlemagne
See that boy!
Track Name: Ice Cream
Today, I wanna take you
For a walk by the river
We can get some ice cream
instead of a liquor that we both hate

I’ll get the ice cream from the shop
you know that I’m clumsy and I’ll drop
And the geese will have a feast
And steal your crown today

And I’ll get a new one
Or I’ll go even more cliche and get some roses
Or a teddy bear that holds a heart,
Holds a heart for you in its hands
I don’t know maybe you’ll like it that way
Because it’s valentines day
And you’re my sweet valentine today
Track Name: I Like You
I can feel you near
But the words aren't clear
And I'm falling down
Pour it down the mouth

And I'm feeling kinda lonely
'Cause you're my one and only (2x)

Call me in the morning
Tell me all the things that I said
And if I paid you compliments
Please don't let them go to your head
And I want you to be in my life
And I want you to be my wife

Feeling kinda lonely
'Cause you're my one and only (2x)

I like you

There were times in my life when I
I liked you
There are times in my life when I
Still like you
I like you

In the evening, off the train
I like you
When the talk on the stairs is plain
I like you
I like you

And though it may be wrong for me to say
I would drop everything for you
Awfully inconsiderate
But I frankly don't give a damn
I would go anywhere for you
I would do anything for you
I like you...(repeat till end)