Whatever Day

by Greyson Davison



A solo EP by Kevin's own Greyson Davison. Written and recorded over the course of a few days.


released February 8, 2016

All instruments Greyson Davison except "Oneirism" Guitar Left Channel Eva Heaps.



all rights reserved


Kevin Boston, Massachusetts

Formed in 2015, Kevin is the creation of three students and friends, Eva, Berk, and Greyson. Inspired by such groups as Beat Happening and Half Japanese, Kevin is an oddity, the deconstructionist pop musings of three art students looking to boil popular music down to it most basic of forms, a minimal, sheenless machine. ... more

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Track Name: Pedestal
"At first I thought it was only a summer romance. Ken would soon be going back to his regular teaching job in the East. But I was wrong. I like Ken alright but I feel more comfortable with Joe. We know the same steps, like the same books. She could have got engaged to so many nice boys in town. They used to shower her with attention, put her on a pedestal. I guess they were too easy to get. Sometimes I think she just wants to get away from home. But, that's Winnie. She has to know as much or more than anybody else. No wonder they gave her a job in the dean's office when she graduated. She was a star in her own little world. She could breathe life into the dullest routine. She made things go the way she wanted them to. The girls loved her. She was so charming and helpful. I was sure she wouldn't give it up for anything in the world."
Track Name: Waltham
Tell me that you can recall
Say you remember
That day in September
We took the train
Travelled on
Of a brash, late summer day
Collapsed in the park
Two fools on a lark
A vacuous waste of a day

Can you recall?
Building the wall?
Oh, what a fall
Interim shall

Save me now, save me now
Save me somehow
I'm too focused on other things
To find my way out
Narcissist, egotist
Crash and brash
These things appeal to me about you
And I tried
And I can't that I know the reasons why
That I stayed with you the day into the night
And I may have said I liked you, but I lied

Say to me now
Holding me down
Track Name: Afterall
So say to me
Would you like to be the sort of friends that meet up in the evening?
And get to know each other awfully well
Hungry? I know
We should get some fries
I owe you for the last 100 times
And maybe later we can talk about the future of it all
But I know you're afraid
Of the things you feel
The notion of emotion bothers you
Down to the core
Cause what do you do if you meet somebody and get attached?
And then they off and leave

You don't know how long
I've wanted this song
To write itself when I think of you
And suddenly now
I don't know how
The words are flowing out of me
But you're soft
And your lofty
ambitions have lost
Me down in suburbia

I'll admit it was crass
Of you to ask
But I don't really mind it
At all
And in fact
It was nice
I would do it twice
But you're not ready for that at all
But I know that it felt real good to you
"Oh fuck, it's amazing!" is not
Something you say at the DMV
And I don't really mind
The words of kind
I mind the reticence of you
And the awkward silence that ensues when we sit at the lunch table
Sit at the lunch table (3x)

Say to me now, say to me now
You want me to stay the night with you
And we can hold each other in our arms and do some bullshit like that
Remember kids,
Monogamy's a construct constructed by people who never wanted to be anything but jealous and paranoid all of their lives, and I really don't mind
I really don't mind
But every once in a while
Something comes across so nice
Is it love?
I don't know I'm not a good judge of things I'm just a whore
I'm a whore and no more and don't you think the store could use a little paint?
I guess the weight of the situation isn't sinking in well

I think you like me after all (repeat till end)
Track Name: Oneirism
Will I ever see you again?
Will I ever kiss you again?